Sunday, April 13, 2008

Integrating Facebook with other sites

Facebook has a great feature that allows easy integration with several other sites: Facebook badges.

This handy feature allows you to display your photo and several other details from Facebook in a convenient way. Unfortunately this feature is not easy to find if you do not know that it exists. I found it from Facebook's help under "profile". It can also be found from a tiny link at the bottom of your own profile page.

Currently, the following information can be listed:
  • Profile picture
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Networks
  • IM Screen names
  • Birthday
  • Telephone numbers
  • Websites
  • Status updates
  • Recent pictures
  • Upcoming events
  • Latest notes
  • Posted items
The badge can be generated in one of two formats:
  • Image
  • JavaScript
In both cases only HTML is available to post to other sites. BBCode, especially for the image version would have increased badges' usefulness significantly, especially on forums.

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