Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Comparing FreeBSD pkgng package options between repositories

When switching FreeBSD repositories, it can be tricky to find which options changed in the package configuration.
This set of bash functions might be useful:
# This will list the options for the package matching the first parameter in the repo given by the second parameter
options ()
    sqlite3 /var/db/pkg/repo-$2.sqlite "SELECT,o.option,po.value FROM option o, packages p, pkg_option po WHERE po.package_id = and po.option_id = o.option_id and like '$1' ORDER BY name,option"

# This will show the difference between the myrepo repo and the FreeBSD repo for the package fiven as a parameter. This can be changed for any repos or repos from parameters
options_diff ()
    diff -u <(options "$1" myrepo) <(options "$1" FreeBSD) | grep '^[+-]'

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