Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Facebook chat on your phone with Lampiro 10.4.1

Lampiro 10.4.1 has been released. It specifically improves support for Facebook chat.

This post describes how to set up Facebook chat on your phone.

  • A phone supporting MIDP 2.0 Java applications (If it runs Opera Mini 5 and is not an iPhone / Android phone, you should be fine)
  • Working internet on your phone
  • About 500KB of free space for Java applications
  • A Facebook username. Set it up here:
How to set up Lampiro for Facebook chat on your phone:
  • Download and install Lampiro on your phone. You can go here: on your phone and get the base or TLS version (Don't bother with the non-TLS unless you have space issues on your phone)
  • Follow the instructions when you open Lampiro
  • Choose "Yes" when asked if you have an existing Jabber/XMPP account
  • Login with your Facebook username and password. Use as username and your normal Facebook password if your Facebook username is "johndoe".
  • Wait for the list of online friends to load
  • Expand a group, choose a friend and start chatting. Left and right switches tabs (between chats / friend list)
About Lampiro
Lampiro is a free software / open-source Jabber/XMPP client for phones supporting Java ME. Its Google code page can be found at and its website can be found at In addition to Facebook chat, its TLS version also support Google Talk's non-voice chat and other XMPP/Jabber servers.

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