Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vodacom breaks Opera Mobile downloads on Symbian

When I go to on my Nokia 6120 on Vodacom, I get a page that only allows me to download a "Vodafone optimized Opera Mini" that installs with a generic "Internet" icon. It does not give an option to get the proper Opera Mobile that works on Symbian.

To bypass this and actually download Opera Mobile or a non-branded Opera Mini (without going through the registration required Ovi store), use this link: in the build-in browser, choose the relevant version (Opera Mobile for S60 / Opera Mini) and click the link to get the normal version. (This relies on the quite-decent build-in browser of the Nokia)

Note: Downloading the applications to your PC and transferring it to your phone might be easier, faster and/or cheaper.

Note2: This assumes that you are not using a phone set only to accept application signed by their cellphone provider.

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